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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING - Healing through Painting group members say:   

"Of Woman" © Jennifer Bec
"I didn't think I was going to make it until Healing through Painting came into my life."
                                                                                                                                    -- Lucy Haenel

"The group is something positive in the middle of a terrible health crisis. It helps me feel better about my treatment, and it shows me how to grow creatively in this stressful situation. I feel good when I leave the group each week, and that makes me feel healthy."      -- Karen Gunderson

"Friendships change when you get cancer. Your cancer scares everyone, and some of your friends disappear. I lost some friendships because of people's fear. But at the Healing through Painting group we are not scared of each other. We welcome each other's fears and pain with the salve of understanding and acceptance, and the artwork we create together inspires all of us. We are healing together."      -- Laura Feahr

"Joining the Healing through Painting group was a turning point for me. It was the beginning of a journey toward healing. Expressing myself through art, and feeling understood by people who could relate to what I've been going through, have helped me through the times when I've felt afraid and overwhelmed. I honestly don't know where I would be, emotionally or physically, without this group."      -- Lisa Mendelsohn

"I've noticed that as I've opened to my creativity in Healing through Painting, I've become more creative in my thinking about my cancer. Now I'm more creative about asking my doctors questions and looking for alternatives when something they tell me doesn't sound quite right. Before this painting group, I thought that I wasn't a very creative person. Now I see that I do have creativity and that I can use it in all areas of my life, including how I go about the process of saving my life."       -- Ginni Cellini

"When I first came to the group I didn't know how to cope with all the fears and emotions I was going through. Painting in the group helps bring out my emotions so I get relief and am not overwhelmed all the time. Talking with the other people going through the same thing I am facing helps me know that I am not alone. I get love, kindness, support, and courage from the group. The result is that now I have less stress, which makes my family life better, and my anger about getting cancer has dissipated."                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Tekla Nyberg

One day all the stress of coping with cancer hit me at once. I dropped onto the edge of my bed and felt my courage and energy desert me. Then I lifted my eyes to the paintings on my wall, the ones I had created in the painting group. There was my courage, inspiration, strength, and guidance shining back into me from the paintings. It was amazing -- I felt lifted and renewed. Thanks for helping me create these outpourings of my soul.       -- Judy Depenau

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