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Cancer Art, Cancer Survivors, Cancer Support, Cancer Support Groups, Sebastopol California, Sonoma County


 Arts for Healing uses the healing power of art

to support people coping with cancer



In our painting support groups, cancer patients create wild and wonderful art while they share a lifeline of camaraderie and caring with each other.

Our art exhibits and public sculptures express powerful messages of encouragement and hope from people touched by cancer.

Studies show that programs like these measurably improve physical and mental health for cancer patients. We see it happen!


Our painting support group fortifies strength and resilience for people coping with cancer. The group is their safe place to:

  • Feel seen and understood for what they are going through


  • Share their fear, worry, and overwhelm


  • Think out loud about their treatment options and decisions.


  • Be met with unconditional caring and support


  • Laugh like crazy when we're so funny that we just crack ourselves up


  • Open to a stream of creativity and healing as they paint, paint, paint!




Arts for Healing is sponsored by Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Foundation,

a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization,  tax ID #  94-12331005.


Rincon, therapy dog


Our therapy dog, Rincon




Arts for Healing uses arts to help families coping with cancer
Girl with a Pearl
© Copyright Toni Winter

"When I'm painting, I don't feel pain."


"The painting group is something positive in the middle of a terrible health crisis. "



"Four years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It wasn't until I found Arts for Healing that I finally felt someone understood what I was living with."





Click on the paintingyou'll love it!

 Acrylic painting by Nancy Hover




Click Letty's painting to read her story

Turtle painting, copyright Letty Pang 2007

 Acrylic painting by Letty Pang


A dental hygienist by day, confined to the tiny, careful, and regimented tasks she accomplished in people’s mouths...


...Letty became a painting superhero once a week in our painting class.   


No stroke was too bold, no canvas too tall, no emotion too deep for Letty. Her super power was Expressing Herself without Holding Back.   READ HER STORY



Rincon & Linda


Rincon working his magic

at the painting support group.


Rincon & Cathy





Arts for Healing provides art support services to help individuals and families coping with cancer.

  See our services. 



THE HEART OF HEALING       Public Sculpture Project


"Life's Voyage," cancer empowerment sculpture

Sculpture #1: "Life's Voyage"


The Heart of Healing public sculptures project has completed two cancer empowerment sculptures.

"I wish Arts for Healing had been here twenty years ago for my mother. She went through cancer treatment feeling isolated. If she had been able to visit the Objects page of this website to see the sculpture objects and read the vignettes of empowerment told by the objects' donors, she would have felt less alone."        

   --Martia Nelson, Director






Sculpture #2: "Wall Quilt"




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